The Minivation Team

  • Ben

    Creative Director

    Creative Director at Minivation, Ben started Minivation with his wife back in 2011. They live with their 3 beautiful daughters in the Cotswold’s Water park. With a degree in Computer Aided Product Design and 14 years design and manufacturing experience there’s nothing he can’t invent, he’s a modern day Caractacus Potts! Contact Ben for any […]

  • Dan

    Technical Director

    Dan joined the team back in 2013. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Cambridge and 7 years design and manufacturing experience, Dan is our Technical Director. He is married to Gemma and together they have a little boy called Noah. Contact Dan for any Tracker related issues or technical difficulties  

  • Becky


    Becky was the driving force behind starting Minivation back in 2011. Fed up with hearing Ben moaning about smashing his head on the bonnet, she suggested that as a product designer he might like to fix it and quit moaning! Together they busted a gut to launch Minivation in just 4 months from blank sheet […]

  • Jon

    Customised Technology

    Jon is a machine! He represents Minivation Customised Technology and is our welding, innovation genius who has brought a depth and breadth to Minivation that we previously only dreamed of. With Jon on board, we now have the facilities to build anything we can dream of, not to mention his extended collection of minis, landys […]