Let our experts save you the time and hassle of fitting our skull-saving hinges with our seasoned experience and nimble fingers!

Our hinges provide unrivaled accessibility, ease of use and no danger of damaging your bonnet whilst it’s removed compared to quick release pins, QR hinges or simply taking the bonnet off. However, we are well aware that fitting them is not always the easiest of jobs simply because you cannot see what you’re doing and also due to that lack of space.

Hence the reason that we are now offering a fitting service to take out the hassle of the hinge swap and well as to sort out those niggly alignment issues leaving you to simply enjoy the new found freedom, access and light!

So long as all your nuts/bolts fundamentally move, it usually takes us an hour to fit the hinges. This does rise to around 3 hours for an MPI simply due to the sheer number of items that require removal and refit and due to the cramped nature of the engine bay. We charge £40/hour to fit the hinges at our workshops which are just south of Swindon. Please get in touch using the methods on our contacts page to book your mini in, we promise you won’t regret it…