Solar Powered Trickle Charger

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This 12V 1.5W trickle charger is ideal to keep your battery topped up on any vehicle, caravan or boat. We use this charger with our project car to ensure our tracker stays working. It keeps working even in low light situations.

Easy to attach, mounts in just a couple of minutes and starts working right away (in the day time of course)

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This unit is designed to trickle charge 12V lead acid batteries with no additional running costs.  It is ideal for project cars or weekend warriors that will be left standing for long periods, as well as for maintaining batteries in other situations like in caravans and boats.It comes complete with an LED indicator to show you when it’s working as well as a diode to prevent reverse charging from the battery to the solar panel at night.

The charger also comes with a choice of connection methods, crocodile clips or a cigarette lighter adapter. The crocodile clips fit perfectly over the battery terminals and allow fast removal when you want to move your vehicle.

Sucker pads are also included in case you want t mount the unit internally but we have mounted ours externally by screwing it directly to a vertical post using the mounting holes.

The outer casing is made of ABS which will last very well in external conditions.

We have had ours on test for several weeks and it’s more than capable of keep the battery topped up and our GPS tracker working so we are always protected.

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