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Rugged Phone Holder – now available to order!!

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*** Final ever order is now open! We are closing Minivation but before we do, we’re running last batch of phone holders***

The pre order will be open until the end of 30th September to ensure everyone has a chance to order. Please tell your friends and spread the word!

Also, we have added a magnetic version which you can also pre order should you prefer that style. Please note, the final magnet may look different from the image shown.


Like most people these days we here at Minivation use our phones for Sat Nav, music & even speedo function while driving our beloved Minis, however until now our options for their safe use have been rather limited. Our new phone holders will make operating your phone safer and easier than ever before!

Feature List

>Versions to fit any mini

>Bolts in with NO modification – you’ll need either an 8mm spanner or a small allen key

>All metal construction – will not fatigue and break due to rapid temperature cycling

>Will NOT fall off like suction cups or rubber clips do

>All soft touch pads rated to 80°C

>High quality stainless steel springs used to create strong jaws capable of holding onto the largest of phones

>Talking of phones, see the list below – fits the large phones from most manufacturers

Will it fit my Mini?

We have two kits available, between these two it covers all mini variations that we’re currently aware of. So long as you have an old ashtray aperture that was standard from the factory, our phone holders will literally bolt in. If you have a custom dash that you’ve either made yourself or bought from a third party supplier that covers the ashtray hole, then you will need to drill one 5mm hole and the buy the kit that best suits the space you have available. The kit above left is for MK3 onwards minis, the kit above right is for MK1 & 2. The MK1&2 kit also fits a mini moke and will likely fit a scamp too if they share the same kind of dash rail.

Will it fit my phone?

The answer is almost certainly yes! We’ve added a table below of the phones we know that fit but if you have a phone that’s not in the list, look it up on google and if it’s between 58.5 and 81mm wide including the case then you’re golden [2.3 and 3.2″ for you guys across the pond 🙂 ] As we hear of more phones that fit, we’ll add them to the list but there are millions!

Brand Handset Will it fit?
Apple iPhone3/s Yes
Apple iPhone4/s Yes
Apple iPhone5/s Yes
Apple iPhone6/s Yes
Apple iPhone6/s Plus Yes
Apple iPhone7 Yes
Apple iPhone7/s Plus Yes
HTC 10 Yes
HTC Desire Yes
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S6 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S7 Yes
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Yes
LG G5 Yes
Google Pixel XL Yes
Sony Xperia XZ Yes

How do I install it?

Installation is either easy or ridiculously easy!

MK3 onwards installation instructions below:

MK1 & MK2 installation instructions below:

Mini Moke installation instructions below:

 Fitting our prototype Rollcage mount phone holder

Any questions, get in touch via our various social media options👍🏼

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 cm

MK3 Onwards, MK1/2

Holder Style

Classic Clamp, Magnetic


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