LED Indicator Kit


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Upgrade your front indicators to a sealed LED set. This flashes much brighter than a standard bulb and is maintenance free.

Road legal E-mark approved.

The LED mounts into existing holes in the front panel. Some aftermarket panels may not have the two screw pattern required and so will need drilling.

Stainless steel mounting bolts.

Will require wiring into existing loom.


Suitable for minis with a 2 pin flasher relay, the ballast resistor makes up for the lower power LED so that your flasher relay doesn’t flash too fast.

Ballast resistors require mounting near loom feed to the indicators. This may require drilling 4 small holes.


Suitable for minis with a 3 pin flasher relay behind the dash clocks, the flasher relay removes the need for a pair of ballast resistors and electronically flashes the lights.

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